Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)


The ACLS course emphasizes the importance of basic life support CPR to patient survival, the integration of effective basic life support with ACLS interventions, and the importance of effective team interaction and communication during resuscitation.  The course includes simulated clinical scenarios that encourage active, hands-on participation through learning stations where students practice essential skills individually, as part of a team, and as team leader.  Course content includes AED, airway management, cardioversion, CPR, defibrillation, IV/IO access, medications, transcutaneous pacing. Participants will learn the core ACLS cases including prearrest emergencies (bradycardia, stable/unstable tachycardia, and acute coronary syndromes), cardiac arrest (simple/complex VF/VT, PEA, and asystole), respiratory emergency, and stroke.
​For course schedules and more information, please select 2014 ACLS Courses.

ACLS for Experienced Providers

The focus of the ACLS EP Course is to improve outcomes in complex cardiovascular, respiratory and other (eg, metabolic, toxicologic) emergencies by expanding on core ACLS guidelines and encouraging critical thinking and decision-making strategies. Through instruction and active participation in case-based scenarios, learners enhance their skills in the differential diagnosis and treatment of prearrest, arrest and postarrest patients.  For course schedules and more information, please select 2014 ACLS Courses.

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Newcastle Training Centers (NTC) provides inspiring high-performance Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Courses to professional healthcare providers and organizations servicing greater Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Boise, and the Pacific Northwest.   Additional training offered includes AED, BLS, First Aid, ECG, ENPC, NRP, PALS, PEARS, and TNCC.   Our team of emergency medical training experts consists of current-practicing and performance-based Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Paramedics, and EMTs.